FeelGood Hostel

Centrally located- sweet and cozy- fresh interior.

Welcome to FeelGood Hostel!

FeelGood Hostel is like a Home – like a huge flat with awesome roommates. It is a place where you could relax, find yourself spending hours or days (who`s counting anyways) for  doing “nothing”, where suddenly you find yourself chatting about life for hours with a person who you just met, place where everybody keep together, place where everybody wants to hear all the details about your adventures, discoveries and your future plans, where smile, laughter and good joke is always around and place where you are always welcome.

We are a combination of your new  friends and your comfortable home abroad. We will help you to find places in Tallinn which every tour guide tells you to go and see but also we know and could recommend the places which are rather well know to local people.

Does not matter if you are traveling alone or with small group, for sure the best place to stay.


FeelGood Hostel Team

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